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Viki ◦ Nandorfi-Angyal

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Viki ◦ Nandorfi-Angyal
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A good info-graphic for DIY screen printing using an embroidery hoop from Lifehack #screenprinting #Ryonet

Make your own custom screen prints from home. This handy infographic helps explain the process of screen printing from home.

An image can tell a whole story

real life newspaper delivery on a bike in Asia , bet the kids that deliver the new york times are glad they don't have to do this with the sunday supplement .they can't even get the thing in a letterbox if t.v is anything to go by .

funky granny

When you think of old people you may think of a little old granny who make cakes and cookies but the truth is not all old people are created equal. Here is a collection of some of the coolest old people we have ever seen.

juventude perdida e o caralh888888

F U Kids We Are Still Young: Tow old people standing with there gears on and have skateboards in their hands with there middle finger up like Fuck you kids we a