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a man standing in the doorway of a train car wearing a long coat and hat
Фото: Пуаро / Кадр из сериала «Пуаро» (1989) #2254522
Фото: Пуаро
a man in a suit and hat with a dog on a leash
monsieur bob monsieur poirot
a man in a suit and bow tie
Hercule Poirot
a man in a tuxedo and bow tie
Art, Vintage, Idol, Eliot
a white coffee cup with a face painted on the side and black dots in the middle
a painting of a woman with a cup in her hand and the words charlie on it
Mystery Solved
two men sitting at a table with candles in front of them
Four and Twenty Blackbirds: episode overview
two men and a woman are talking to each other in a room with antique telephones
two men sitting on couches in a living room
a man wearing a hat and holding a cane in his right hand with a moustache on it
three men in tuxedos posing for the camera
Poirot (1989)
two men standing in a living room looking at each other
Through the Lens: Art Deco's debt to Agatha Christie