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DIY top

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Cute swimsuit shorts. Outstanding Crochet: Astral Nomad Shorts from Anna Kosturova.

Outstanding Crochet: Astral Nomad Shorts from Anna Kosturova - no pattern - but wonderful shorts inspiration


The Classic Winter Beanie is just that. A simple double crochet beanie with classic stripes around the brim. This hat would be great for Men & Women. I love working with the Red Heart Reflec…

Barefoot sandals, bohemian wedding, boho style

Gypsy inspired rhinestone barefoot sandals for festivals and weddings. My newest antique silver jeweled beach wedding foot jewelry with a boho twist. What makes these fun jeweled barefoot sandals so

Top de crochê com gráfico. | Belas em ação | Belas em ação

Pretta Crochet: cropped de crochet lovely PATTERN -would be lovely to add fabric to the bottom

Как вязать ленточное кружево. Очень большая подборка №2. | вязание крючком | Постила

No English but some neat stuff. I've seen this pattern before but not in this configuration.


This dress has some very creative patterning (and you can scratch your belly button quite easily, if the need arises).

PAP de Base para Cropped, Top, Bustiê e Biquíni Em Crochê. ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

Line your tops, and add cup for better support. Great way to reuse the cups of old battered bras! Definitely something you should try if you're making a crochet top for this summer!