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the free ebook for quilting color theory
Quilting Color Theory Guide Download
Find yourself questioning your color choices? You’re not alone. Choose a color scheme with confidence when you download our free guide! You’ll learn the basic principles of color theory and how to apply them to your own quilt work. Get started today!
an image of a woman laying on the floor with her hand on top of a quilt
Interaction of Color with Quilt Fabrics
Heather Thomas presents helpful techniques for determining what color fabrics to use when making your quilts. Learn how colors interact with each other and how to ensure the colors “make” your quilt rather than “break” your quilt. Find out how to utilize different colored shapes and fabrics without creating visual chaos. See what color interactions you enjoy and incorporate those techniques into your quilt.
an orange and white quilt sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a rug
Make a Desert Valley Inspired Mosaic Quilt - Suzy Quilts
a person holding a colorful fan over a wooden table with text that reads, defing color personalities with grayscale
Defining Color Personalities with Grayscale and Quilting Color Wheel
Heather Thomas displays the quilting color wheel and gray scales of each color that she painted. She put the pure hue on the outside, added black to yield shades in the middle, and grey in the middle to make tones. You can learn to do the same and understand color better with these step by step instructions.
several colored pencils with the words how to choose quilt colors written on them in black
How to Choose Quilt Colors
two hands on top of colorful paper with the words, a quilter's guide to color theory
Quilting Color Theory | National Quilters Circle
In this guide, you will learn the basic principles of color theory and how to practically apply them to your own quilt work. This guide offers easy-to-follow tips that will help you select colors that are well balanced and pleasing to the eye. Sign up for the FREE National Quilters Circle newsletter and receive a digital download of the "Quilting Color Theory: How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Quilts" guide.
the words using complementary colors in quilt design on top of a pink and green checkered fabric
Using Direct Complimentary Colors in Quilt Designs
Complimentary color schemes are a great way to make dynamic quilts! Heather Thomas uses the painter’s primary color wheel to show how the different colors are used in various quilt samples. Learn how to use direct complimentary colors in your quilt designs today!
someone is pointing to the quilt designs with multiple colors
Quilt Designs with Multiple Colors
Heather Thomas discusses the art of adding color and decorative stitching to the surface of your quilts in this video. Heather teaches you how to choose which thread color is right for your quilting project, and shows several examples of art quilting pieces that she has done. Learn how to create beautiful quilt designs with multiple colors with Heather’s help.
the cover of quilting color principals part 5 complementary color schemes, including red and green
Quilting Color Principles Part 5: Complementary Color Schemes
Complementary color schemes are the most sophisticated of the color schemes and also the most challenging. Using complementary colors without blending them can lead to a very strong, almost confrontational contrast. Blending the colors makes the quilt pleasant and chic.
the color wheel to choose from is shown with text overlay that reads how to use a color wheel to choose quilt colors
Using a Color Wheel to Choose Quilt Colors
Quilter and colorist Heather Thomas shares some helpful tips and tricks to consider when choosing quilt colors for your next quilt project. By using a color wheel you can mix and match colors to see what colors will look best together. Follow along with Heather to learn how to incorporate use of a color wheel in your own quilting.
the cover of quilting color principals part 4
Quilting Color Principles Part 4: Analogous Color Schemes
Analogous color schemes are one of the most attractive color schemes available to us. The dictionary defines analogous as “partial resemblance.” Colors around the color wheel partially resemble each other as they contain some of the color of their neighbors.
quilting color triangles part 3 common color schemes by susan schlemes - book cover
Quilting Color Principles Part 3: Common Color Schemes
Remember color schemes work because the colors are friendly to each other. In the last two articles in this series we discussed two ways to make colors friendly: the use of balance and the use of a sequence of harmony.
the words quilt color are overlaided with images of various fabrics and fabric items
quilt color
a book with the title how to use contrasting thread colors
How to Use Contrasting Thread Colors in Your Quilt
Contrasting colors can help add additional design elements to a quilt. Heather Thomas shows you how to add contrasting thread to a quilt in ways that complement the overall design.
the cover of quilt color principals part 2, with text overlaying it in white
Quilting Color Principles Part 2: Tint, Tone, and Shade
A color, such as red, is not just a single color but has many variations. The chart below shows the relationship of these variations to each other.