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inuyasha is a warrior

Inuyasha in battle gear. He was my first anime crush.

wizqevelynart:  aquanetteq:  yugiohchildhood:  yaoiroyed:  Yami Cape.  That is just precious  wizqevelynart Relevant to your interests?  VERY RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS YES LOOK AT THAT HAPPY BABY

This is pretty funny. Superhero yugi by cape/jacket

yugirl-with-dragons: “ inspired by this art blog | Facebook | Instagram| Twitter | Redbubble | Society6 ”

Yuugi/ Yami Yuugi Still ship it thou 🤷

Yugi vs Atem | Yugioh Yami Yugi Atem Seto Kaiba Marik Ishtar

Yu-gi-oh motivational meme

YGO - shrimpin' ain't easy by *Nadykun

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Yugi is sooo cuteeeee omg I cant handle this

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE *dies of fangirling And cuteness*


This is awesome! XD  Yu-Gi-Oh!  YGO Spoof: DCM by jojo56830 on DeviantArt

I'm with Tea on this one: DAWWWW BTW this is the part evil bakura puts their souls into the cards YGO Spoof: DCM

#wattpad #fanfic ❤Mou hitori no boku❤ ❤Aibuo❤ PD: Portada echa por mi :D ❤Imágenes de los tres tricolores de YU_GI_OH❤ ❤Nota: Tal ves las imágenes que publique tengan yaoi :D ❤

Puzzleshipping is kinda gross, considering the two look mostly the same, but it is kinda cute