anything can be knitted.

18 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Knitting

'Jack Bauer' knitting a gun cozy. Poster from a French newspaper showing Jack Bauer knitting a gun - it's an ad for TV on demand so the idea is that he won't have to wait any longer for 24 (May

The perfect truth!

Time and time again, Dame Maggie Smith has turned in one solid season after another as our dearest Dowager Countess Lady Violet on Downton Abbey.

Yarnder Woman Justice League Knitting Luxury Soft by HeyThatsSuper

Knitting Wonder Woman Yarnder Woman Justice League Luxury Soft Ladies T-Shirt in Jade on Etsy (affiliate link)

Periodic Table of Knitting Elements by Northcoast Knitting Guild in Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Our guild exists to provide education and resources to help knitters master the craft of knitting.

Do you agree?

Do you agree?