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an illustration of various fruits on a black background
Jocelyn Proust on Instagram: “J for Jackfruit #jocelynproustdesigns #jackfruit
a pattern with lemons, limes and leaves on a white background for wallpaper
NATURE/ORGANIC | jocelynproustdesigns
NATURE/ORGANIC | Jocelyn Proust Designs, pattern design
a painting of lemons and limes on a blue background
Jocelyn Proust Designs, pattern design
Jocelyn Proust Designs, pattern design, hand painted tiles | patterns
an apple pattern is shown on a pink background with different colors and sizes to choose from
SURTEX 2016 - anais lee
an apple and flower pattern on a white background with red, black, blue, and green leaves
JOCELYN PROUST — Four Corners Art Collective