Area Rug Placement - how to choose the correct size when purchasing a rug

How To Series: Area Rug Placement - This all comes down to choosing the correct size when purchasing a rug. by Burplap & Lace Ughhhh! Am I going to area rug hell now?

Have outdated tile but don't want to replace it? This tutorial is for you! #3MDIY

How to Refinish Outdated Tile (yes, I painted my shower)

Do you have outdated tiles in your home that you would LOVE to replace but don't have the money to do it? Here's a great DIY - How to paint outdated bathroom tiles!

Ikea LACK shelving.  I love the staggered shelves here.  Thinking maybe put the fabric bins in the closet after all, shake up the shelving in the room like this and put craft supplies in nifty containers there instead.

IKEA Lack shelf is a cool basic shelf, and you can use it wherever and however you want. IKEA Lack shelves can become nice corner shelves, floating .

This Atlanta Guest House, shared on one of those idea-packed homes tour, is chuckled full of ideas for you.  Barbara Wirth Art says to check out the sitting area with its interesting AND useful bookcase wall.  Then the brilliant, trending sliding barn door as a design element as well as a bedroom door.  And wow, the color scheme ...

Home Tour: Atlanta Guest House

Tillman Long Interiors, love the sliding barn doors that separate the sitting room from the main part of master, soft pastels. Great casual design, good beach house or cottage


Love the idea of the book case for separating the mezzanine from the rest of the place. I would use some kind of plastic in the back of it so that things would not fall

64 Important Numbers Every Homeowner Should Know

64 Important Numbers Every Homeowner Should Know

64 Measurements Every Homeowner Should Know from This Old House - living room measurements, room by room measurement guide for remodeling projects