paint base of coffee table and add shelf/net

[you can't have kids and a white couch, but otherwise, I dig.] cool vintage style prints (via PLANETE DECO) - my ideal home.

Split-level studio apartment

Chic is not exactly the first word that comes to mind when we think of studio apartments. But if you’re moving into your first studio apartment, or simply living in a city with astronomical rent prices. You should also base… Continue Reading →

Bright room

These doors are amazing. Homes: Danish: the living room with a coffee table and bookshelves in the background - Bookshelves, throws, a muted rug and the Hans Wegner coffee table. The white standing lamp is from Artemide.

Easy Industrial DIY Shelves (All you need are boards and shelf brackets!)

Alicia’s Office Reveal

reverse bracket and plywood shelves. Alicia’s Office Reveal - Vintage Revivals. Bracket above/upper /on top/ reverse

Polka dot decals! 170 for under $10.

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