László Farkas

László Farkas

Fiatal voltam, és kellett a pénz.
László Farkas
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Color inspiration for design, wedding or outfit. More color pallets on color.romanuke.com.

Combines several beautiful colors: contrasting shades of yellow, orange, coral and violet. At first look bright colors don’t annoy but rather attract attention. This color scheme can be used in summer.

Shape of menu button is a triangle instead. Look at Dove packaging for perhaps semi circles or waves, different "Dove" shapes.

Music App by Eyal Zuri - Effortlessly Simple design

Yes, just all kinds of yes. NCC 1701-A by Brandon Schaefer, via Flickr

The USS Enterprise (or Enterprise-A, to distinguish it from prior and later starships with the same name) is a starship in the fourth, fifth, and sixth Star Trek films.

Scifi art inspired by Star Trek USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-D vinyl wall decal

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