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Hata Reka, at Tangata's approach, nudged the little baby deer." Tangata placed a hand on his mouth in surprise, "You've had a fawn." He says in awe.

Rabbits house made with pallets

Maisonnette Pour Lapin / Pallet Rabbit's House

This would make an excellent small chicken or duck coop/run 1001 Pallets, Recycled wood pallet ideas, DIY pallet Projects ! - Part 5

❤️ . . what a precious precious face .. .

Reminds me of my own dachshund who recently passed away, she always looked at me like this when she slept next to me and woke up ❤️

German shepherd puppy

German Shepard puppy - yes please! ubctress German Shepard puppy - yes please! German Shepard puppy - yes please!


❤️ I had this weener dog, his name was Sherlock and he had a gingham coat and hat and I loved him so much ❤️

Schnauzer allergy friendly dogs

How To Potty Train A Miniature Schnauzer Puppy. Miniature Schnauzer House Training Tips. Share this Pin with anyone needing to potty train a Miniature Schnauzer Puppy.