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Gato na Sacola ^^

Schultertaschen - Schultertasche "Kitten in the Bag" - ein Designerstück von…

How to Read Your Own Palm Lines

Base of palm reading ps i dont think the fate line is real


Set of 4 Elemental Fairy Zodiac Poem Prints

Full Moon Oil: Mix prior to the full moon. Charge under the full moon in a clear jar. Use to anoint candles for rituals or for use on yourself when you need the moon's energy.

I assume you must add these drops to some amount of a carrier oil? Otherwise it seems like a lot of effort for 9 drops worth of "Full Moon Oil"

teacupsandcauldrons: “The planetary correspondence page from my grimoire ☽◯☾ ”

teacupsandcauldrons: “The planetary correspondence page from my Grimoire ☽◯☾ ” pagan rituals for beginners, learning wicca for beginners, spells that work for beginners

Candle colors ... use on altar, with crystal grid... and meditation

Candle light wards might also be another thing. I can see Tsava Leko having wards based on candles around their caravan. Though I think his own wards where originally dolls that he used to focus elemental powers into.

Moon to Moon: Readers Homes: Ally from Aquarian Soul.

Magickal Ritual Sacred Tools: "Witches Brew Kit II," by zimzim1066, at deviantART.

The Aries Witch ♈ Magick - ritual - tools - pagan - Wicca - witchcraft - pentagram

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