Hungary / Nah .
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I dont know why I find this hilarious but I;m werid so theres the answer hahaha < ok wow your so unique miss "I; Calm TF down your not that funny. You find this funny cause guess what. It's funny.


People had pot brownies at my school and no one probably would've found out except one girl who had some had a bad reaction and had to go to the hospital. Now pot brownies are kind of a joke among me and my friends

The story of a man and his unlikely friend.

Funny pictures about A Man And His Unlikely Friend. Oh, and cool pics about A Man And His Unlikely Friend. Also, A Man And His Unlikely Friend photos.

It's nappy time

this is so cute theyre precious idk who they are but I love him and I want the bottom guys hair>>> this is so cute im going to cry no joke