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Oita, Luke 8, Sheep And Lamb, Lord God, Lord Is My Shepherd, The Good Shepherd, The Shepherd, Beatrix Potter, Foto Inspiration
The Importance of Face for Creating Artful Portraits With Real World Subjects
a young boy holding a lamb in his arms
The Valley Settlers / European Alps: Ueli (deriv. of Ulrich, "legacy-rich")
Jesus Passion, Christian Photos, Jesus Wallpaper
a painting of the virgin mary holding a flower in her right hand and an open mouth
The actor & gay icon, singer & transvestite comedian Divine (1945-1988) was born Glen Milstead in Baltinore. He made several underground cult films with childhood friend director John Waters, and had a substantial disco recording career. Known for PinkFlamingos (1972), Female Trouble (1974), Polyester (1981) & the original Hairspray (1988) (minkshmink) #divine #drag #disco #gayicon #hairspray #johnwaters #comedian #transvestite
a figurine of a woman holding a baby jesus with a crown on her head
J'ai vu la Vierge - Paperblog