Zsuzsanna Nemecskóné Szabó

Zsuzsanna Nemecskóné Szabó

Zsuzsanna Nemecskóné Szabó
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Origami The Lightning Bolt Octahedron - YouTube

A modular skeleton octahedron with a cut out for inserting a Sonobe cube if you wish.

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1938 - Cycle, Lithograph..

Here Escher combines a perspective top half shading imperceptibly into an isometric bottom half. The isometric cube pattern serving as floor tiles is a .

Rotational Symmetry - create a picture that has rotational symmetry, using your name as a starting point.

In this activity students create a picture that has rotational symmetry, using their name as their starting point. It is a great activity to add to your relief teacher folder because it does not require any photocopying. The only materials needed are whit