More ideas from Paw20  dna eye blue eye orange cat  white  could be deafness too

Fire and Ice. Beautiful cat with different colored eyes.>>>>> there's a book series called warriors and the second book is called fire and ice and the books characters r cats,

Renekton should have a skin like this! (by Kim Jung Gi)

・・・ One of my inspiration on why im doing this all of a sudden. He told me to free my mind and to draw what i want without any references. it would not be perfect but it must be accurate not my art

12141736_1505220409790359_4239839897949826260_n.jpg (628×960)

Damien's pet, a hell hound. The hound was given to him as a present after he (accidentally) threw a very powerful fireball at him at his fifth birthday. The hound helps calm him and helps him channel his powers.