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Reindeer Tealight Holder from www.notonthehighstreet.com I adore this, def a must have

Tea light holder for cosy seasonal lighting. Elegant and unusual tea light holder with a trio of rusty brown metal reindeers on a square whitewashed wooden base.

Snowflake door hanger (nice change from a wreath), good for post-Christmas winter decor

I must apologize. I have been neglecting you. With all of this Reuben nonsense going on, I don’t have a lot of extra spare time. He’s got me running around, setting up sets, moving moun…

Myofascial Meridains (Anatomy Trains): Spiral Line (front view)

Lateral Line Anatomy Trains Myofascial meridains (anatomy trains): lateral line kmi .

fascia-cobweb ISN'T THIS AMAZING!! Shoulder pain page.

Fascia is a network of connective tissue in the body. Our nerves innervate with this complex system. Where there is resistance in the body, releasing fascia is the key.

Myofascial Chain: Deep Front Line

Myofascial Chain: Deep Front Line. These diagrams have really opened my eyes up to how internal arts such as bagua zhang and xing yi Quan use the fascia.