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aichberger architektur ZT | projekte

aichberger architektur ZT | projekte

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Wooden Skyscraper: 34 Stories of Stick-Framed Architecture

If accepted and completed, this design would be the tallest wood-frame structure in the world. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, sustainable timber framing can be more eco-friendly than steel-and-c…

Corte esquemático - Torre de oficinas

The RIBA President's Medals Student Awards :: Boulaq Abo El Ela Textile And Fashion Industry Mixed High Rise Building by Salma Tag El Din - Arab Academy of Science Technology, Cairo Cairo Egypt:

The inside of the tower is devoted to the guiding principles of the Rukun Negara, including a Sky Walk cafe atop the tower, & a 20 story tall Hall of Hibiscuses- a vertical, living garden celebrating the national flower of Malaysia.

Week 4 - Kuala Lumpur’s Menara Bunga Raya was designed for “people, profit & planet” – reflecting an emerging awareness that our most visible buildings must deliver value beyond simple economics & speak to higher aspirations.