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Sándor Winkler

Sándor Winkler
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A small store crowded with books.  The interior is inspired by a used bookstore I passed by in New York, which had all its walls, and even stairs, covered in books.  The challenge here was to not have the books neatly alligned on the shelves.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and it meshes fairly well with some of the official modulars.

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Escape From Planet Monday :: Town. Named after the awesome album I was listening to while building this, and I feel that title conveys some of the mundanity in this scene.

Cool! - Ander

I came across these two models today, a neat pair of buildings in neo-classical style by german Lego builder Sherriff von Snottingham.

Finally here my little angle of Paradise..

Luca Di Lazzaro created a little corner of Italy. A quaint courtyard rests between three buildings, reminiscent of an easy going Italian paradise.