Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum

Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum

Az oldal egy iskolai feladat részeként jött létre. A fotók forrásai a, illetve egyéb oldalak. Az oldal a feladat végeztével törlésre kerül.
Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum
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Last shot developed from Robert Capa's camera after he was killed by a landmine in Vietnam,


Death of a Loyalist Soldier - which was taken in Cordoba, Spain in 1936 during Spanish Civil War is one of the most famous images of combat ever taken by Robert Capa. This picture is the most remarkable candid images of war ever taken.


NORMANDY, France—Operation Overlord of the Allied Forces. The first wave of American troops landing at Omaha Beach, June Infantry Regiment, Infantry Division


Photo Normandy Invasion, June 1944 - Offshore Activities Troops crouch inside a LCVP landing craft, just before landing on "Omaha" Beach on "D-Day", 6 June Photograph from the U. Coast Guard Collection in the U.


Robert Capa