Things to Wear

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Jorvik Fashion Week is approaching fast! Check out this exclusive preview of all the styles on sale at Jorvik City Plaza before they're released! Play for free now at!

An exclusive glimpse at some beautiful new gloves available at Jorvik City Plaza just in time for Jorvik Fashion Week! Play for free NOW at!

Right here on Pinterest, you can see all the awesome styles being released in time for Jorvik Fashion Week before anyone else! Here's a first look at the brand new range of skirts on offer! Play now for free at!

Jorvik Fashion Week is coming to Star Stable, and what kind of fashion show would be complete without shoes? Here's a sneaky pre-release glimpse at the shoes and boots on offer at Jorvik Fashion Week! Play for free now at!

I believe my outfit should be featured on Jorviks catwalk because it has that perfect combination of that light in the darkness, also giving that antique/vintage look to you and your horse. It also can be used for several competitions and a nice pristine look for a daily dressage or jumping workout with your horse.

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