How to turn your life around in 30 days.

I love that this starts with mentioning the MOTIVATOR. Knowing where your motivation stems from can make or break a habit.

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There is that saying that "you are either a lover or a fighter". A warrior walks both paths.

O-Sensei:Inner Strength ie Inner Gnosis / Gnome or Wise Man ie Seer archetype, emotional resilience wins over brute force via wisdom ie foresight, patience, perseverance your inner geek!

4 rei - respect, polite courtesy -The Seven Virtues of the True Path

The Seven Virtues of the True Path

There has always been a code to seeking enlightenment. This code of all universal understanding is pure beauty and simplicity at its finest. It has been called the Seven Virtues of the True Path.

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Come un samurai, devo rafforzare il mio carattere. Come essere umano, devo perfezionare il mio Spirito. - Yamaoka Tesshu

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Wisdom, "The ulitmate secret of Martial Arts. The most important thing is to maintain compassion along the way, and to hold a sense of due respect towards the arts themselves.

"STRATEGY is an integral part of winning. (the 4 fundamentals). IMPATIENCE for victory will onlyl lead to self-demise and certain defeat.