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Europe / New Edge offers event materials, furniture and decoration solutions in unique shapes with an outstanding quality!
New Edge Ltd.
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Moss Exhibits Premier Tradeshow Exhibits Featuring Tension Fabric Manufacturing Moss Exhibits

Tension fabric exhibits - Taking the the strengths of these visually exciting flexible fabric displays structures and leveraging the benefits

Sublimotion Eng on Vimeo

Ok Tech-Foodies, it's time to jump on a plane to the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza from May where you'll be able to encounter the ultimate luxury dining experience, the most expensive meal in the.

Mr. Fox

Fox by Helen Oyeyemi, in which our Instructional Technologist describes it as “one of the strangest books I’ve ever read. Fascinating because it morphs as you read it (as do the characters themselves).

Sprite Showers in Brazil and Israel

// What a awesome idea! Showers that look and function like giant Sprite dispensers were installed on popular beaches in Brazil and Israel. The eye-catching showers reminded people of the refreshing power of Sprite.

‘Light Rain’

‘Light Rain’ <br /> 8 mechanisms: 46 (H) x 123 cm x 123 cm <br /> (hanging plate, 12 mm white painted mdf) <br /> 60 m x m<br /> /> </div>



山形ビエンナーレ2014について|みちのおくの芸術祭 山形ビエンナーレ2014

thekimonogallery: “ “The Tohoku University of Art and Design, will be held at three venues Yamagata city the “Arts Festival Yamagata Biennale at the back of the Road” Held theme of 2014 .