Trash Mammal
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The sound of shattering glass was her mind; it was her body; it was her heart; her heart; her heart. Donnovan's blood stained face; his limp hands; his empty eyes. Her mouth tried to form the words, his name. All that she had felt rose up in her like a crashing sea wave on ice. The sharp coppery blood scent burnt her throat and all she got out was a choked 'n-no.'

Blake's fist crashed against the mirror, broken shards flying here and there. Ever's mouth dropped open, tears fell from her eyes.

The Human Body, Bad Habits, Olivia Cheng, Nishinoya Yuu, Lion, Ziva David, Powerpuff Girls, Otp, Colors

I + you = my tears, your blood ///// Audrey and Micheal after a fight.