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a white house with three windows and some plants
Easy and affordable DIY Trellis Install - Jenna Sue Design
an above ground swimming pool with deck and umbrella in the middle of a lawn area
an above ground pool surrounded by lawn chairs
15’x30’ pool with deck and pergola.
an above ground pool with steps leading up to it and a deck in the background
The Best Semi-Inground Pool | Nashville Pool Company
a fire pit with chairs around it
a brick walkway in front of a house
Brick pattern for patio
a backyard with a playground, swing set and gravel path
a little boy riding a bike next to a small wooden bridge and play area in the back yard
How to make a dry creek bed for your backyard - Little Lifelong Learners
the diy outdoor chair is made out of pallets
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a chalkboard sign that says keep bugs away from the plant these basil mequites and flies
Natural Bug Repellent | Plants, Garden yard ideas, Garden planning
a wooden swing set with ladders on the grass in front of a fenced area
12 Fun DIY Backyard Ideas Perfect for Any Season
three gerbils are sitting in small bins under a metal roof on a bench
nesting boxes with removable tubs
the different types of evergreens for privacy
Best Privacy Hedges for Your Garden | Front Yard Landscaping Ideas with Hedges
different types of grass with text overlay that reads grass alternatives why and how to replace your lawn
Grass Alternatives: Why & How to Replace Your Lawn
the new micro - clover lawns brochure
For a beautiful, backyard landscape, discover the unique micro-clover ground covers
9 Reasons to Plant a Clover Lawn
white hydrangeas line the side of a house
hydrangea, boxwood, hosta
a small white chicken coop with lights on
how to paint a stock tank pool with a video instructions on the bottom and top
How To Paint a Stock Tank Pool
an image of two water tanks labeled in english and spanish on a wooden pallet
How to Build a Rain Barrel
an egg carton with eggs in it hanging on the wall next to a brick wall
a man standing next to a small wooden structure
Easy To Build Chicken Coop With 5 Nesting Boxes - One Hundred Dollars a Month
The HH Builds a Chicken Coop for Lucy's Babies - One Hundred Dollars a Month
an outdoor chicken coop in the middle of some grass and trees with a fence around it
How To Build A Safe Electric Chicken Fence
a chicken coop with some plants growing in it
Purdy-ing Up the Chicken Yard
chickens are walking around in an enclosed area
Our Farmhouse Coop
Our Farmhouse Coop
a ladder is in the middle of a room with shelves and other items on it
two chickens in a coop with swings and feeders
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used as a washroom or toilet area
Ikea home for chicks - IKEA Hackers
a chicken standing next to a bottle of cider vinegar on the ground with words benefits of apple cider vinegar for chickens health
Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar For Chicken Health
an open door with the words why, when and how to clean your chicken coop
How to Clean Your Chicken Coop - Audrey's Little Farm
how to keep chickens cool in the summer heat
How to Keep Chickens Cool in Summer Heat
a black and white shed with potted plants on the roof is surrounded by trees
Modern Chicken Shed
a chicken sitting on top of hay next to a bag of cooping cleanser
Keep Your Chicken Coop Smelling Fresh
Keep Your Chicken Coop Smelling Fresh-Timber Creek Farm
chickens in their pen with the words do - it - yourself p v chicken feeders
These PVC chicken feeders are cheap, simple, and actually kind of attractive.
a chicken coop with the words simple diy chicken coop
Simple DIY Chicken Coop
a dog is standing in the grass next to a fence with a box on it
Protecting Your Backyard Chickens From Predators: Coyote Bobcat Fox Raccoon Owls Hawks
a blue trash can sitting under a wooden structure
Chicken Waterer
a small white house with a wooden roof and windows on the side of it, surrounded by green grass
My Functional And Eye Catching Chicken Coop Design
an outdoor bed made out of wooden boards and plastic sheeting, sitting on the ground next to a fence
42 Best DIY Greenhouses ( Great Tutorials & Plans! ) - A Piece of Rainbow
45 BEST tutorials, free building plans & ideas on how to build easy DIY greenhouses, simple cold frames, garden tunnels & hoops with low cost materials! An ultimate guide! - A Piece of Rainbow #greenhouse #backyard #gardens #gardening #gardeningtips #homestead #homesteading #urbangardening #gardendesign #gardenideas #diy #gardeningtips #upcycle #shed #sheshed gardening, homestead, backyard ideas, winter, spring
two pictures side by side of a fence with flowers and grass in the middle, one is
Pin by Dawn Gage on Landscaping | Lawn and garden, Front yard landscaping design, Backyard garden landscape
Pin by Dawn Gage on Landscaping | Backyard garden landscape, Backyard landscaping designs, Backyard garden
three wooden planters with plants in them on the side of a house
DIY Raised Planter with Trellis
a covered patio with lots of furniture and string lights
What's the best & least expensive way to create privacy for your deck?
I saw this but I don't want to spend a fortune or have anything that is extremely time consuming . I would like both privacy and a sun/rain shade if at all possible so that we can entertain outside during the spring/summer/fall since our indoor space is so limited.
an outdoor patio with a pergolated roof
Before & After: Our Patio Reveal! - LivvyLand | Austin Fashion and Style Blogger
Before & After Patio Renovation REVEAL | LivvyLand
an outdoor living area with white furniture and wood flooring, covered by a pergolated roof
Creating a Cozy Cottage Style Backyard Oasis Designed for Entertaining with a Clear Covered Pergola