Josef Ganz in one of the Swiss Volkswagen prototypes in 1937. Very few cars have achieved the success and lasting fame of the Volkswagen Beetle. In production for 65 years and selling over 21 million units, it is the longest manufactured and most successful car in history. The Beetle was the realization of a shared vision of a group of Austro-Hungarians - Ferdinand Porsche, Hans Ledwinka, Paul Jaray, Josef Ganz and Adolf Hitler - for a cheap, modern car that was affordable for the common…

Josef Ganz, in one of the Swiss Volkswagen prototypes researched in 1937 for possible future project.

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Brochure of the Standard Superior, advertising it as 'The fastest and cheapest German Volkswagen', 1933

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Second model of the Standard Superior, Jewish engineer actually designed the volkswagon. Josef Ganz died in Australia in obscurity.

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Hitler Stole Volkswagen Beetle Idea from Jewish Engineer

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Maikafer prototype Josef Ganz 1931 - Josef Ganz - Wikipedia

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