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a door decorated to look like a boat with the words meet the crew on it
My Nautical Door entry for the ocean/beach themed classroom "Meet the Crew" & "Anchors Away" #summerdecorationideastutorials
two children and an older woman are looking at rocks in the shape of a spiral
Forest Kindergarten – A better way to teach our young children? great article about a school in the USA
six drawings of people with different expressions on them
Micrography Portrait
Micrography Portrait for Students
a bunch of sunflowers are hanging on the wall in front of a bulletin board
Sunflowers and Sculptures
What a great children's project. The kids traced their hands (about 8 of them on yellow construction paper) and cut them out for the petals. Crumpled tissue paper for the center and it's all glued onto a paper plate. Love it!
an empty classroom with many desks and colorful decorations hanging from the ceiling above them
OMG... I need banners! LOVE the happy feel to this art room!
the door is decorated with green and brown paper flowers, polka dot trimmings
cool classroom decor- could work on my storage cupboard
some yellow stars hanging from the ceiling in front of a window with black and white polka dot curtains
School Website, CMS & Communications Platform | Finalsite
set goals!!!!!
a bulletin board with handprints on it in a school gym room that says start off on the right foot, with grade
Risking Failure: Bulletin Board Blues- Twister-Back to School... @Leann T <--cool idea if you are still looking for bulletin board ideas.
the hallway is decorated with multicolored footprints
Decoration Photos: Following the Footsteps 2010
school hallway decorating ideas
a hallway decorated with halloween decorations and pumpkins hanging from it's ceiling in an archway
Halloween Party Ideas for Kids & Adults - Halloween Decoration Ideas
Halloween Decorating Ideas Gallery - Party City
an outdoor dining area with colorful decorations on the ceiling and tables set up for two
crayon/art birthday party theme