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the words dystchphobiaia are in black and white
a black and white photo with the words merak on it's back ground
Meraki Definition Prints, Greek Definition Wall Art, Motivational, Inspiring Print, Minimalist, Modern, Definition Poster, Inspirational Art - Etsy Canada
Meraki (Greek) Definition - To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. Printable art is an easy and affordable way to personalize your home or office. You can print from home, your local print shop, or
the sky is filled with dark clouds and there are words written below it that read serein
lockscreens — definition lockscreens reblog if you save
an ocean with the words quatervois written in black and white on it
⭐️ p i n t e r e s t @amberelisibeth ⭐️
the words are written in white and black on a dark background with an image of a woman
minutiae | latin
an airplane flying in the sky with text below it that reads juxtapose
an airplane flying in the sky with words above it that read, obfuscate
Quantum Learning Education
I only discovered this word at 32yrs. Every day is a school day!
an advertisement for a book called fabulist, which is written in black and white
Amanda Patterson
an advertisement for esoteric on the side of a building with information about it
Esoteric word words intended for or likely to be understood by only a selected few who have special knowledge or interest. Private secret confidential
a purple sky with the moon and trees in the background that reads, saundade
the words querencia are written in black and white
How to Manifest an Ever-Growing Audience for Your Blog?
other-wordly: pronunciation | ‘rant-i-pOlfun fact! | this is the only post on Otherwordly so far that can be all three parts of speech, and is the same for each.