The Worth of Souls is Great...

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Women and men are equal
What we need is God.

Dallin H Oaks

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A morning prayer
“I think no greater influence exists in the kingdom than the women of the Church.” From #PresEyring’s remarks during a news conference with the newly announced #FirstPresidency Learn more and #passiton. #ShareGoodness

Henry Eyring

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Russell M. Nelson

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Gordon B. Hinckley

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Master your fears

Jeffrey R. Holland

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Thomas S. Monson

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Dieter F. Uchtdorf
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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a quote that says simply live the gospel and every one who does so will receive his heart
an older man sitting at a table in front of a microphone with the caption that reads, each of us will have our friday - friday
an orange flower with the words, peace may be defined for a season but god our external father will watch over this nation and all
Hearing the Words of the Lord | 4 October 2020 | LDS Daily
a black and white photo with the quote if you understand the ordinances of the house of the lord, you would crawl on your hands and knees for thousands of miles in order to receive them
The Temple of the Lord | 18 July 2019 | LDS Daily
an older man standing at a podium with his hands out in front of him and the words god is watching over this work
a man with a beard wearing a robe
Come follow me. Let me show you the path.
an older man in a suit and tie with a quote from russell m nelson on it
#GeneralConference - Twitter Search / Twitter
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