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two framed pictures with the same drawing on them
a white table with several wooden pegs on it, and two chairs in the background
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a game table with colorful pegs on it and a wooden board in the middle
a toy house on top of a book shelf with plants in the corner next to it
20 Handmade Gifts That Are Perfect for Kids of All Ages
an open cabinet filled with stuffed animals on top of a table
Pompom Apples Sensory Bag
Have a 2 to 4yo? This fun sensory bag activity is for you! There are two parts to this Pompom Apples Sensory Bag activity: first, children push the pompoms to the circles on tree by matching the colours. Then they ‘pick the apples’ and sort them into the two baskets according to the colours.
a little boy sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to toy bins and baskets
Nursery Decoration