I do this with the office... is that healthy?

I️ finished 2 seasons today. I️ have no life. I️ need friends

Ceiling fans...the OG spinners. funny pictures

the OG spinners. funny pictures<<I read ceiling fans, and thought fans as in fandom and was confused.

Me and my sister just realized that Ross Lynch would make the perfect Chat Noir/Adrien! and Grace Phipps the perfect Marinette

LOL SO TRUE POSTS - Funniest relatable posts on Tumblr.

The Loki oh no you didn't face. < omg I was not aware of the Loki oh no you didn't face.

dam dude you took out the students then the staff. You should be in the competition not them

Esses são os vencedores do .GIFYS, o prêmio dos melhores GIFs da internet

"Ugh, you're so immature." just cause I love the office

20 Situations That People Who Don't Like To Be Touched Can Relate To

Best way to deal with a**hole drivers.

Best way to deal with asshole drivers.

Funny pictures about How to handle road rage. Oh, and cool pics about How to handle road rage. Also, How to handle road rage photos.

The accuracy

Family reunions<<<One of my moms friends who I hadn’t seen in a super long time (like since I was tapped me on the back in a baseball stadium bc she saw me and my sister and I got so scared

18622277_1544558798887612_8375559532597616916_n.jpg (480×540)

18622277_1544558798887612_8375559532597616916_n.jpg (480×540)