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an assortment of food items sitting on top of a cutting board
15 perc karácsony
a christmas card with santa claus and other holiday items in the frame, on top of a
Levél a Jézuskának
a wall hanging on the side of a door with numbers and ribbons attached to it
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christmas ornaments are arranged in the shape of snowmen and heart shaped ornament
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three white candles sitting on top of a tray with balls and ornaments in front of a pillow
Adventní svícen do šedohnědobéžova
a tray with candles and christmas decorations on it
Adventi asztaldísz
a button with a santa claus hat on it is surrounded by white cotton balls and red felt
Mikuláš z papierového taniera - Pro Solutions
christmas ornaments are lined up on the window sill
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a window box filled with christmas decorations and greenery
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a vase filled with greenery and candles
two lanterns with christmas decorations on them sitting outside the front door, decorated for christmas
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three white candles sitting on top of a plate with red ribbon around them and christmas decorations
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a christmas tree decorated with red and gold ornaments
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