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four pictures of sheep made out of paper mache, with eyes on the head
Plastic Bottles Craft Ideas for Garden: Creative DIY decorations
three green frog figurines sitting on top of a newspaper
Haz lindos animalitos con botellas de plástico reciclados
two pictures of a white swan with the words antes despues on it
a blue plastic jug with a white towel in it and a blue swan shaped container
Reutilizando embalagens de amaciante
a bottle of milk next to a chicken shaped container on a red tablecloth with a white wall in the background
Galinha de garrafa de 2 litros do sabão Ariel
a white vase with flowers painted on it and an arrow pointing to the bottom one
7 Creative Ideas with Plastic Bottles - 7 plastic bottle life hacks you should know | CaTa Crafts
a white duck sitting next to a plastic container with a red bow on it's head
Cisne de garrafa de plastico de amaciante - Plastic bottle swan - Diy from plastic bottles
a pig planter sitting on top of a wooden bench