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Runs in the Family (Colored) by Soulnik on DeviantArt

Rarity: So do you know what it is yet? Darling, I must know! Sweetie: Rarity, I'm not that far along yet I don't know *giggles* Rarity: Oh but I'm. Runs in the Family

Art by "What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds?" - Sliders Twilight decides to return to the human world to document its existen...

MLP: Souvenir (Commissioned) by on deviantART. Reminds me of the Quantum mirror from stargate.

MLP: Make them laugh (Commissioned) by *tan575 on deviantART

Art by During the episode 'Magical Mystery Cure', Fluttershy's cutie mark was switched with Pinkie Pie's and Fluttershy has no talent in making anypony . MLP: Make them laugh (Commissioned)

Collaboration: Empty isolation. by turnipBerry

Twilight is done! Lots of sparkles. Next is Fluttershy. Going to continue working on her now and hopefully get her done today as well! These prints will first be available at Bronycon as prin.

Collab: You Prove My Point by Naviira

A fun collaboration between myself and the incredibly talented, Naviira featuring our characters Klaus and Perry! Nav did the gorgeous sketch and stunni. Collab: You Prove my Point

Next Gen Genderbend (Royals) by hikariviny on DeviantArt

This time with my "Royal" next gen Chaotic - Calamity Amaris - Ashtar Crystal Shield - Brightness Guard Charming Heart - Ki. Next Gen Genderbend (Royals)

Whoop here it is, I've decided on their fate. Applebloom isn't in a relationship. At least, not yet. But she did adopt a foal from the Cutie Mark Crusaders Day Camp. Many of the Fillies and Colts w...

Introducing who may be my favorite of my Next Gen children: Prince Siempre; son of Princess Celestia and King Sombra This is honestly one of my favorite MLP ships, if not my absolute favorite.

Staring by kilala97 on @DeviantArt

Claire: Hello there, Starburst! What brings you to Hearthfire Jewellery? I need a necklace or something for a fancy dinner thing I have this weekend. Claire: Oh, how exciting!


Story Timeeeeee It was Turquoise Blitz’s first day at school in Ponyville as he and his family just moved back from Canterlot. A Beautiful Friendship

You came back! by on @DeviantArt

This took place 2 or 3 years after this: I rmember this drawing: Specially the part, that said: Pomf is tiny, yes: But as an adult, the genetics of Chrysalis kick in and she gets a growth spu.

Singing by kilala97 on @DeviantArt

This happened. I was was looking through all mah next gen ships and said to mahself, "Hey, lookit that! All my characters have alternate ships! Prism has Whirlwind, Del has.