Guest Blogger Monday: Bite Size Apple Pies

Bite Size Apple Pies would be another fun mini dessert--perfect for entertaining in small spaces. *Tip: add a little salt on the crescent roll after applying the butter. It brings out the flavors to do this recipe justice.

Cheesy chicken and vegetable stuffed baguette recipe Not your typical party appetizer

Not your typical party appetizer

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That orange cat is the best! Food Art: orange cat, asparagus snail, and onion skunk. Bring these fruit and vegetable kitchen animals to life with your kids the next time it rains.

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these were sooooooooo yummy and easy to make, I will totally keep this and make it again as a side dish ----- Zucchini Cakes. Freshly shredded zucchini with Parmesan cheese, garlic and spices, pan fried until golden brown.

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LEBANESE RECIPES: Homemade Haloumi Cheese in an Hour Recipe - I have a feeling this would take me much longer, but I might try it.

Muffin pan recipes

31 Fun Treats To Make In A Muffin Tin

24 Awesome Muffin Tin Recipes- Not sure when I'l use any of these but something will come up. Except for Meatloaf cupcakes. There is never an appropriate occasion for meatloaf cupcakes.