This made me laugh so hard

Wise words from Mr. Owl.

This made me giggle. I get sad sometimes. You get sad sometimes. We love each other. DESTROY THEM!

Amazing picture of an Eagle

"Your water?" said the eagle. "I thought water belongs to all creatures on this planet." Amazing picture of an Eagle

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10 Most Inspired Garden Decorations for a Charming Backyard

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someone certainly loves their geese. Ha Ha!

Now that I look back at this pic, it would be interesting to put our geese in dresses. But Beatrix Potter had ducks in dresses I think, not geese. The Puddleduck sisters? The Muscovy ducks might put up with it better than the geese.

The Macaws

The Macaws - this shows the main types of Macaws, yet it doesn't show you the myriads of different colors that are possible when they cross-breed.