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My crochet things

This pin is about my crochet things. Ez a tábla a horgolásaimról szól.
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At long last, my crochet doll is done. I saw a lot of pretty crochet doll on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, however, I found patterns on these website, but I didn’t find anywhere. Therefore, I thought I made one myself. This doll is 35 cms tall with movable arms and legs. You can dress and brush. As for me, it is the most beautiful crochet doll what I have done. I don’t sell pattern!


Bunnelia is done. She is 55 cmes tall, moreover, she can standing and sitting too. Bunnélia elkészült. 55 cm magas, tud ülni és állni is. Pattern is coming soon on my website. You can follow me on Instagram. @noemi.v67


Stuart minion the Santa Claus!

It’s my own piglet! Approx. 1 month ago, I found this pattern on Etsy and I fell in love with it immadietly. This pattern is made by Havva Design. It is available on here.

Crochet Fürtöske doll, 40 cms tall, in yellow crochet dress with a small claret flower. In the doll's hair there is a green ribbon.