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Weird saying but love the first and second beautiful eyes!

drawing eyes quotes creepy Sketch monster ghost Stephen King pencil drawing <-- black eyes like demons in Supernatural!

Friday Randomness : Season of Marriage Proposals

Being a father. L How an I out the girls In mun mar?‘ hump a bucket at glitter an and stand in the sunlight. Thay‘ II come running. Than grow a pair and but I iPhone Message dad father son girls Meet text


Totally something I would do. Best part of this blonde joke? The obvious BLONDE who wrote it basically made a message to a person named Jack but the phone that is receiving the message says it's coming from Jack. So Jack sent a msg saying Jack?

SOOO my school has a cosplay and anime club... FINALLLY!!! nd i joined today hahahaha best clubs ever!!! comment nd share if your school has an anime club or something similar!!!!

This anime girl could possibly be described as "emo," but I still enjoy this image immensely. but you "still enjoy this image"? Is there something wrong with The Emo style?I enjoy this picture because of it's emo style.