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Little Squirrel by Marc Tornambé

Lots of tree squirrel varieties have actually adjusted to human-altered settings such as country ranches, suv yards and also city parks; as well as due to the fact that they are diurnal (energetic throughout the daytime) they have actually come to be poss

HELP: Should We Create A Save The Sharks Bracelet?!!! | The Official Pura Vida Bracelets Blog

Yes humans should love sharks we really don't mean to kill humans, they are mistaken as seals and once we bite them we let go because our taste bubs, located by our teeth can tell that humans are not prey. Humans are friends not food

boating quotes and sayings | Quote from the 3 time Oscar winner Jaws (1975)

Thanks to Shark Week, I'm on the hunt to buy the movie Jaws for our brave 6 year old son.

"Bruce", Spielberg's mechanical shark from the 1975 film Jaws. "Bruce" was cut from most of the movie due to frequent malfunctions.

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