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very cool - he had friends of his send him a webcam pic. Then he cut them and pasted them together. :) Could be a "class" drawing as well!

The anonymous creator in this design took screenshots of himself while talking on a webcam. When he lined them up they appear displaced and off kilter. The colors differ due to lighting or other factors. Overall this piece is very visually conceptual.

Friends and dogs

love these pieces by UK based artist Sarah Walton… her squiggly embroidery, those floopy hounds, and a whole bunch of crazy/vintage floral patterns. Um, I have nothing else to say, as I am currently experiencing some kind of jealousy overload.

Emily Barletta - Untitlted 18 - 2012

Emily Barletta Using mostly fiber, Emily Barletta’s work resembles nature’s unusual shapes and forms. These works are rich in color with their vibrant reds. In her most recent work, she creates elaborate designs using purely thread and paper.