Not sure I like working so hard to read it and while the color helps the design, it doesn't further the meaning - however the layout and the photo keep me coming back to it.

Three Five Seven

Fashion identity. — Designspiration

Branding project by Mark Brooks for Magro Cardona, a high-quality footwear brand based in Madrid, Spain. Graphic designer Mark Brooks was hired to develop

35 Striking Magazine Covers - From Vintage Floral Fashion Covers to Celebrity Duality Covers (TOPLIST)

35 Striking Magazine Covers

Léa Taillefert Design graphique : Identité/maquette/ refonte du magazine Interview- création de couverture - lettrage #design #graphicdesign #identitévisuelle #editorialdesign #magazine #cover #lettering

Multimedia collage effect; blend of feminine features with strong bold strokes + messaging.