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Esta solución improvisada, demuestra que los vikingos tuvieron que tener zuecos de madera como los tradicionales gallegos

Patten—Iron support worn under a shoe. They keep feet warm and dry, and make a fabulous noise when walking on cobblestone pavements.

Around Chester: Medieval Shoes

Around Chester: Medieval Shoes Medieval Shoes shoes worn by the pilgrims at the Minstrels Court. They came in two halves, a top leather shoe and a wooden base, or patten, which hinged.

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Clever Carriage Genuine Leather Craft Clutch

Love the slotted twist effect on this Clever Carriage Genuine Leather Craft Clutch

Large bone button bracelet coiled hemp bracelet tribal

African Style Boho Rope Bracelet, Button Wrap Bracelet, Tribal Hemp Jewelry, Bone Button on Natural Hemp cord, Eco-friendly