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Love this for my dog!!!!

"If you can read this I will lick you" Dog Tag. What does it say about me that *I* would wear it, and yes, lick anybody who came close enough to read it?

'My Dog Taught Me' Box Sign- this would be so cute hung by Howie's little area in the living room

'My Dog Taught Me' Box Sign.I especially love, run to greet loved ones when they return and snuggle at the end of the day no matter what! Adding those two to my must do every day list!

Runner's porn. Ohhhh yeahs!!! ;)

This reminds me of an old dirt road through the bottoms near where I grew up. The trees formed a canopy over the road. You never wanted to take the road after a rain.

My pug is smarter than your honor student! - YouTube

A pug is smarter than your honor student! -for anyone who has a pug, this video will seem unreal!

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