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#13 Death

“The Pagan Otherworlds Deck, Uusi Studio.

by Godmachine

“ by Godmachine ”

Henri Bonnart II (1642 - 1711) Death.

imprecari: “ Henri Bonnart La Mort Late century or early century ”

Matthäus Merian, danse macabre

Matthäus Merian, danse macabre

MORS ULTIMA LINEA RERUM Egbert van Panderen Engraving, 1610-20 …

„mors ultima linea rerum“ –engraving by egbert van panderen,

Halloween stamps

I got dancin' bones!

☆ Der Tod -:1626:- Artist Philipp Sadeler ☆

Philipp Sadeler, Der Tod (The Death), c.

Honoré Daumier's 'La Paix Idyll' 1871

Dance of Death, also variously called Danse Macabre, Dança de la Mòrt , Danza Macabra or Totentanz is a late-medieval allegory on the universality of death. Here you can see images and poetry about death and dying

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli, Death, 1675

Death and the Grave, 1675 (Etching) ~ Giuseppe Maria Mitelli

Dance of Death by Holbein

century Slender Man origins in Germany folklore called Der GroBmann aka the tall man