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14 Interesting Building Designs Around the World, Blossoming, Dubai

Designed to resemble a blossoming flower, Greek architecture firm Petra Architects recently submitted "Blossoming Dubai" to the Zaabeel Park Tall Emblem Structure Competition. The tower is equipped with two elevators that run on spiral rails which turn 1

Strange building ~ but what's even stranger, are all the bugles attached to the bottom of it !

The sculpture titled "Performance Piece" is by renowned sculptor Dennis Oppenheim. The sculpture is made from steel, pigments, bugles, firebrick and fiberglass. It features a fireplace and chimney with the chimney twisted in a knot. Around the fireplace a

Amazing Building

House on the Rock (Malaysia)! Noteworthy in this building that the reach of this House can only be with the neighboring rocks, built specially for this lift.

Funny pictures about Visiting your parents. Oh, and cool pics about Visiting your parents. Also, Visiting your parents.

Funny Pictures of the day - Lance Armstrong did not deserve the hate! (103 Pics)

High Way: I think it is just terrible and disgusting how everyone has treated Lance Armstrong, especially after what he achieved winning seven Tour de France races while competing on drugs. When I was on drugs I couldn't even find my bike.