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Norbert Teleki

Norbert Teleki
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Awesome Wall Clock!

Catena Wall Clock by Andreas Dober. The catena wall clock harkens back to traditional mechanical clocks. copper digits mounted onto a Bicycle Chain place emphasis on the cyclical nature of time.

Good Afternoon clock by Japan’s "Mile Project" is a simple but at the same time revolutionary timepiece that promises food for your thoughts. Employing thin rays of light, sneaking through small slits in the bezel, as the hour, minute and second hands to spreads on the glass surface.

Using beams of light as the hour, minute and second hand, this minimalistic clock aptly represents time as intangible and fleeting

Restant van een ijzeren balk ??

Concrete sense of time. The minimalistic design, steel frame and matte finish of the I-Beam Clock lends an industrial vibe to desks, bookcases or consoles.