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This chicken coop has its own raised herb and veggie garden
If you're looking to grow cucumbers in your home garden, here are some great tips for growing them successfully.
Raised Vegetable beds are simple to make and easy to maintain; use this method and you can achieve a productive vegetable plot where heavy digging becomes a thing of the past. Description from quickcrop.co.uk. I searched for this on bing.com/images
15 Unusual Vegetable Garden Ideas - Use an old pallet for your herbs
This is a raised bed garden idea that gives you walking space to water all of the plants. So smart!
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101 Gardening Secrets that the experts never told you. All kinds of great vegetable garden information.
Wish my veggies looked like this. Natural insect repellants have to be the way forward
Spring is fast approaching, so are you planning to grow a healthy and beautiful vegetable garden that will help beautify your home’s outdoor and be a place of relaxation? Growing your own fruits and vegetables in the yard lets you spend more time outside,