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a woman in a wedding dress standing next to a door
Cultural Wedding Veils From Around the World — NK Bride
Hungarian Clothing, Hungarian Culture, Culture Aesthetic, Fashion Traditional, Europe Aesthetic, Folk Clothing, Types Of Embroidery
Népművészet: Sárközi viselet (kép)
a woman is walking down the sidewalk wearing a dress with flowers and ribbons on it
Eastern Europe
two people holding hands while standing next to each other
Sárköz - Bácska
a woman wearing a colorful dress standing in front of a green wall with ivy growing on it
several women in colorful dresses are walking down the street with people dressed in traditional clothing
Sárközi viselet (Őcsény)
four pieces of cloth with fringes and designs on them, all in different colors
Costume and Embroidery of Sárköz, Hungary
Virágválasztós sárközi gallér Beads, Beaded Collar, Hama Beads, Free Pattern, Statement Necklace, Pattern
Virágválasztós sárközi gallér