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two women with long hair and glasses, one has her mouth open while the other looks surprised
a penguin is standing in the sand with another penguin behind him and an awkward caption that reads, i saw this document seven years ago and i think about this line every day
two women sitting next to each other with beer bottles in their hands and one woman looking at the camera
two pictures one with a man wearing a cape and the other with a woman in a costume
That's exactly what we mean.
a tweet from simon holland on twitter that reads, i've made it to that age where i drive through a busy intersection and tell people in the car i remember when it was all empty fields
an image of a baby yoda with the caption me holding my dog in the mirror saying that's you
a small dog is smiling while sitting in the car
Silly Series Of Animal Memes That Pack A Punch
a small dog wrapped in a blanket with the caption me omg sorry i just saw ur text, it's been a crazy day me all day
14 Highly Relatable Memes About Dogs in Bed After a Long Day
14 Highly Relatable Memes About Dogs in Bed After a Long Day - I Can Has Cheezburger?
a tweet with the caption that reads, i am the opposite of a delibee downer is an anti - hampertamine
Criminal Minds Reid, Criminal Minds Cast
a zebra laying on top of a bed next to a sign that reads, my tollance for people lasts sorry this long