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Hey. I'm Kayla, 15 year old daughter of Eugine and Rapunzel. I may be royal but I'm also a rebel. Despite my looks, I'm actually pretty nice. Totally want to dye my hair, but don't know what color. So, yeah.

I'm 15 years old and daughter of Eugine and Rapunzel. I'm nice and I listen to Fall Out Boy and Green Day. Want to dye my hair purple but I don't have the money. adopt me please

Name: Brie Age: 15 Likes: Punk rock and Divergent. Please adopt

This is She loves gothic clothes and punk rock, and she loves reptiles. Her Chameleon, Diacord, stays with her at all times. She may seem slightly unapproachable, but she is very kind. Adopted by Haylei